The Audition Room

Online & in-person workshops designed to drastically improve your chances of getting into Drama School. Run by West End & Screen Actor, drama school teacher & audition panellist Lee Knight.


Each year UK Drama School's receive approximately 4000 applicants on their BA Acting Courses of which there are around 30 places or fewer, in many cases, with more schools starting to reduce their intake year after year. 

I don't say this to deter you in anyway. Quite the opposite! I say it to encourage you to think about how you are going to make sure you stand out and are the most well prepared that you can possibly be. How can you ensure your unique, vibrant self shines through at every moment of your audition process, despite the natural nerves that are bound to show up on the day?


At The Audition Room we will help make sure you are ready to give the absolute best of you that you can - no exceptions! With our monthly online and in-person workshops you will be given all the tools and techniques you need to make sure you find your unique voice within your chosen pieces and most importantly - you enjoy it. After all, it is called a 'play'! 

What makes The Audition Room unique is not only will you be taught by me, a West End & Screen Actor & drama school teacher, who has sat on the audition panels for several years, but also, in the final session of both the online and in person courses, you will get the opportunity to perform a mock audition in front of a current panellist from one of the UK's leading Drama Schools and get full feedback to take forward on your audition journey. This year we have someone from the current RADA BA audition panel.

Since we started in Summer 2020 our students have gained places at LAMDA, RADA, GUILDHALL, OXFORD, DRAMA STUDIO, BRISTOL OLD VIC, EAST15, ARTSED and more and we are pleased to say, because of Zoom, they are from all around the Globe! 


Harry Chalmers-Morris
LAMDA 2nd year BA

'This was my fourth year auditioning for drama school. As we went into lockdown and online auditions were introduced, I was rejected from two schools. Frustrated at making the same mistakes i turned to Lee who was the ultimate calming influence. He has an amazing eye for detail and after every session my speeches went from strength to strength!

Emaan Durani, Bristol Old Vic, First Year BA.

I honestly cannot thank Lee enough. I can't believe I am going to my dream school! I feel like someone's going to tell me it was a prank!

Navid Tharani
LAMDA, First Year BA

I went through a few coaches before finding Lee. He is nothing short of amazing. He has a great eye for detail and really knows how to draw the truth out of you even if you don't feel as experienced. With his help I managed to secure a place at LAMDA.

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