Online Course

This is an online course that runs from 18:00 to 21:00 one evening per week for 5 weeks.

Course cost £125*

Each week you will work to prepare your pieces in front of a small group and in the final week you will have the opportunity to perform a mock audition with an independent panellist from one of the leading drama schools. This year, RADA. 

Together we will create a positive, empowering, highly productive environment in order to get you as prepared and confident as you can possibly be for your 2022/3 drama school auditions.

The Class will be capped to enable everyone to have the most beneficial amount of time to work on their pieces.

The course will cover:

  • About the schools/courses themselves.

  • What to expect on audition day and how each school's process may differ.

  • What drama schools are looking for.

  • How to approach your pieces*

  • How to self tape your audition.

  • How to approach Shakespeare. Tools and techniques to help you navigate the text.

  • Getting the pieces on their feet and working them in class. (Our Playground).

  • Getting to know your characters: Tools & exercises that will help you embody them.

  • Keeping the pieces alive and preparing you to be redirected in a recall audition.

  • Drama School interviews and how to approach talking about yourself.

  • Mock audition online with a current leading drama school panellist and full feedback.

* It is very important that YOU choose the pieces you feel are right for you. Feel free to bring a couple of options to the course. To get the full benefit, it is important that you have pieces to bring and work on. It doesn't mean you have to use these pieces at your actual auditions. The aim of the course is that you learn how to approach monologues and will then be able to take what you have learnt and apply to any text.

* I will be offering one complimentary place to someone from a disadvantaged background who cannot afford the course. Please contact me for more details.