Welcome to The Audition Room. A new stream of online classes & workshops, taught exclusively by industry leading, working, Actors who sit on the audition panels each year for some of the most prestigious drama schools in the UK. With our knowledge, passion and experience we want to help you to be the most prepared you can be and ready to give the absolute best of yourself on Audition Day.

What makes us different?

Firstly, you will only be taught by Actors who sit on the audition panels for London's top Drama Schools each year. This brings you an insight from the exact people who you will be auditioning in front of. People who see thousands of auditionees each year coming through the doors, who know many of the speeches inside out, know exactly what drama schools are looking for and, most importantly, understand exactly what you are going through. Why? Because we have all been where you ourselves. For some of us, it is not that long ago that we were in your place, preparing our pieces, fighting those nerves, eager to do our absolute best, so we know exactly what it feels like to be on the other side of the audition panel.  


Secondly, you will only be taught by Actors who are working in the industry right now. We find this key for what we want to achieve. It brings you a passion that is very present and visceral. Working within the industry gives us an up to date insight, knowledge and presence that is vital for your learning. The industry changes quickly and we want to pass all of that on to you! 


Lastly, among many other reasons we are extremely passionate about nurturing young Actors. This is the main reason The Audition Room has been formed. We want to teach you, guide you and empower you, in a loving, supportive and liberating environment, to be the best you can be. There are still some old fashioned teachings and views but it is changing and we want to support the welcomed change that is happening in the industry championing all round diversity by pushing you to show us who you are. Your unique voice.  We want to see YOU. As Actors, we are storytellers. As artists we need to know what our story is and what resonates within us. Only then can we use ourselves as a vessel for sharing other material. Why speak the words otherwise? Helping you connect with your chosen material is our main aim. 

Who are we?

The Audition Room's has been set up by Actor, Lee Knight. Lee has been on the Audition Panels at Drama Centre for both the BA Acting Course and the MA Acting for the past five years. He teaches Drama Centre's Audition Prep for Drama School Summer Course which he designed himself. He has also taught Professional Preparation Workshops for final year BA & MA Actors who are about to embark on their careers after drama school, aimed at helping them deal with what the industry throws their way. He has also taught various workshops on MA Acting & Foundation Courses. He is a professional Actor.  ​His recent credits include A Very Very Very Dark Matter, alongside Jim Broadbent at the Bridge Theatre, Coming Clean, Trafalgar Studios West End, where he played the lead role of Tony. He recently appeared in BBC's The Trial of Christine Keeler and also will appear in BBC series, The North Water, which airs in 2020 and also feature film The Last Letter From Your Lover, based the bestselling book by JoJo Moyes. He also writes. He write a comedy pilot which made the semi-finals for BBC Comedy Writer's Room 2019. A piece he recently wrote is being produced for the Lost Souls Podcast.

Our Goal

We are not here to merely direct you and polish your piece for you. There is no point because when you get past the first round of Auditions, the panel will re-direct you. They will want to see you play and we want you to be prepared! We want you to be ready to give whatever is asked of you in the Audition Room. Our classes will wake up all your senses, fuel your imagination in every possible way and help you to explore, so you can find YOUR connection with the piece and be as prepared as you can be. Only when you have that connection, will you find the freedom and truth within your speeches. We want to see what you bring to the table and so do the drama schools.

Where & When?

Classes will be online during this current climate. We will be announcing class dates/times very soon. There will be weekly drop in classes and other workshops later in the year giving you the chance to experience a mock audition in front of a drama school panellists who will then give you feedback on your audition. P

121 Sessions are also currently available in Covent Garden by Lee Knight as are Self Tape sessions for Actors looking to film their tapes with the help and guidance of a Coach. If you have any Questions or for more information feel free to drop us an email and we will get straight back to you.